Grass Reinforcement Grid – What is it and how to install?

Do you want an easy and stress free way to reinforce grassed areas?

Are grassed areas of your garden or outdoor spaces being eroded by vehicles, foot traffic ?

Or does water logging cause grassed areas to become unusable?

Have you though of a grass reinforcement grid?

Grass reinforcement grid supplied from Spudulica Home and Garden is an easy solution to add extra strength to a water logged or high traffic area. These recycled plastic grids can be easily inserted into grassed areas to maintain stability and the grassed appearance. Once installed you will have to look closely to even see the grid under the grass.

The grid supplied can be tailored to your requirements, we stock a range of options that can take loads from foot traffic to trucks.

Each Grid has an interlocking system that is easy to connect and then these connections then create a stable and tough surface within the soil.

Grids can used to protect plants and soil from traffic and from water logging. The grids themselves are permeable and will not add to compaction issues in the soil. Water will have space to move though the soil. The grids will stabilise the soil/mud when wet so it is not eroded by movement on the surface.

EcoGrid Permeable Grids are a no dig solution and at Spudulica you can by the m2. For example If you only want to enough grid for 2x runs of the grid to reinforce for car tyres you can!

Also remember grass reinforcement grids can also be removed and re used in new locations as needed. Great if you only experience waterlogging in a particular season and access is needed during that time.

Also its reassuring to know that EcoGrid is also guaranteed for 20 years!

Are grass grids any good?

Well we think so and here’s why.

Grass grids allow you to easily and quickly solve erosion and water logging issues. Quality grass grids can also withstand high load and last for a long time once in situ. Grids can also be re-used and lifted if relocation is needed.


How do you install reinforcement grids in grass?

There are two ways with EcoGrid –

1 -You can prepare the area for the grid with a drainage layer usually type3 – you need a clean stone layer to help with drainage.

  • Add a geotexile layer – non woven
  • Lay grid
  • Fill Grid 80% with soil
  • Then seed with grass/wildflowers and soil mix.
  • Water and monitor for growth.

2 – A quicker way with EcoGrid is to install your Grass grid upside down and press it into the surface directly. This is a very quick and easy install just be sure your surface is level for the best fit. Giving you can instant no dig solution.

Can you mow over grass grids?

Yes, once the grass has grown mowing will not affect the grid underneath.

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