Green Roof project – creating a larger growing are in an urban garden

We recently decided to add to the growing potential of our little garden with a green roof. 

We have added this roof to our brick-built outhouse/shed. Our shed is a useful space that we have never thought of demolishing even though our garden is small. Also the shed has been standing since the Victorian times and some lovely brick features!

First we have sourced some trays from another local company – Ecogrid Ltd Wallasey.

We then covered the shed roof in a heavy weight fabric to add another layer of protection to the shed roof and to keep any drainage from the soil not getting into the shed. The sourced trays made the covering the roof easy to do with just a ladder and 2 people. Also, it was easy to work out how many trays we would need for our space. Only one tray have be cut down to make it fit.

We prepped the shed roof by shoring up the slate roof from the inside and then creating an edge to the roof to keep the trays in place and from slipping off over time. It was handy the roof was bordered on two sides already.

We filled the trays with soil and compost and seeded them with seedum seeds

Now to water daily and look out expectantly for the first shoots!

The green roof will create a new garden area for local wildlife and another way to add biodiversity to our outdoor spaces. Living in a relatively built up area it is great to be able to use every surface to introduce new plants. We have had to introduce netting and wall spikes to stop it becoming a cats litter tray.

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