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Grow bags your handy garden planter ready for small to medium plants.

Grow bags – a simple but effective system for any garden or outdoor space. Beginners to experts can use these versatile bags for any indoor or garden growing.

Take a look at our handy illustration to show you all the features of this product.

Available in packs of 2x at

Variety of uses – grow seeds, harden off seedlings outside, plant out bulbs, grown indoor plants, window box inserts, plant herbs or small plants.

Easily portable and good for small spaces.

How long do grow bags last?

If looked after well grow bags can last 5-6 seasons.

Just make sure after each use you clean out the bag and dry well ready for the next use.

Will roots grow though the grow bag?

The roots of some species can grow through a grow bag bu7t most will be restricted by the high GSM fabric creating an optimal root ball concentrated I the bottom of the grow bag.


Do black grow bags get too hot?

Geotextile grow bags are black but they do not get too hot for plants due to the breathable nature of the fabric. If your worried abo9u the summer heat you can always pick up your grow bag and move it to the shade.

Are grow bags any good?

Geotextile grow bags are great for drainage and can help with overwatering. Providing a solution for healthy root growth.

Grow bas provide a versatile growing area that can fit in with any garden/balcony/yard/outdoor area.

Are grow bags better than pots?

Grow bags are definitely easier to transport being much lighter. Grow bags are also better for drainage than most pots due to their composition of 100% geotextile fabric that is breathable and great for drainage.

Can I use a grow bag indoors?

Of course, you might need a tray or saucer underneath.

Now at - lets get growing!

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