Hanging basket liner alternative – geotextile membrane

A quick and easy way to re vamp hanging baskets – with spring hopefully around the corner –

After a year or so in the garden hanging basket/wall basket liner can get a bit worn. Best to re new it before plants are affected. I have been using odds and ends of geotextile to re line my wall baskets or to reinforce not quite fully worn ones.

Geotextile is an alternative to buying a hessian or plastic liner. It is a bonded material that is used for many things in the garden; but also suited to a basket liner due to its filtration properties and its structure that means it should last a longer time than a usual hessian liner.

  1. First do you have a place to store the soil/plants still in your hanging/wall basket?? Remove the old liner possibly add it to your compost pile if its biodegradable.
2. Roughly place the geotextile into the basket 3. Cut geotextile to a size slightly larger than needed. It is helpful to put some small slits around the edge this will help folding into the basket/planter 4.Secure into the basket; this will probably needed if basket is in a windy place. 5.Fill with soil about 2/3 rds way 6.Now decide where plants will go 7.Plant plants 8.Now fill with a little more soil and secure plants in place 9.Now re hang and enjoy Geotextile membrane is usually white so it does give you a different colour in the garden. Get yours at spudulica.co.uk

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