helping local wildlife in summer

Helping your local wildlife in the heat. Your garden is not the only one that might need a bit of extra care in the summer heat.

Your local birds and wildlife may be finding it harder too. Here are a few easy and simple jobs you can do to help.

Bird baths – providing water for birds and other creatures to bathe and drink. Just make sure you keep it topped up and clean. You can even just pop a bowl of water out and leave in a shaded location.

Leaving out seeds, grated cheese, and seeds – Dry weather can lead to a food shortage as worms are inaccessible due to dry soil. Birds need protein for breeding.

Keep an eye on fat balls to be sure they haven’t gone off in the heat and become too soft.

Water your plants – This not only helps your plants but provides a moist and shady area for local environment to escape the heat.

Don’t forget your pets – keep dog walks short and play indoors where it is cooler.

You could even make dog lollies but freezing water and popping in some dog treats to keep your 4-legged friends busy and cool.  You can also wet flannels to lay on your dog if they are suffering in the heat, especially if they aren’t a fan of the paddling pool.

Cats are usually adept at finding cool spots both outdoors and indoors, you can help by proving lots of water.

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