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Home to Garden – A handy blog this week to highlight those things you can re-use from inside your home to help your garden plants. Coffee Grounds – Are you or a family member a coffee addict? Well you can use your used coffee grounds to add nitrogen to your soil. Nitrogen is an important part of chlorophyll in plants so an essential part in a plant growing system. Coffee grounds are he used part after brewing your coffee. These grounds can be mixed with fertiliser to feed your plants. Coffee grounds can also be used around plants to keep away cats the smell) and insects (barrier and texture).  Be sure not to put on too much coffee grounds as it may add to the acidic nature of the soil (lowering the PH). A sign of this is yellowed leaves on your plants. It shouldn’t be a problem if you are watering your plants daily. Eggshells – Healthy snack for you and the best way to recycle. Eggshells contain calcium essential for the cell walls of plants. Crush up your eggshells and mix in with compost to add to the calcium in the soil. Crushed shells can also act as a pest barrier, creating a sharp barrier for slugs and snails.  Egg shells can also be used for germinating seeds; small and compact and looks cute too! So, don’t bin those egg shells put them on the garden. Newspapers – Read and re-use. Use those read newspapers to add to compost and for mulch on the soil. The could also be used as a quick way to cover weeds to inhibit their growth. Obviously, we would suggest a woven or non-woven geotextile for this job – especially as they will last longer and can be re-used. Bit of rain the newspaper will be useless against weeds. See spudulica.co.uk Pennies – Always easy to pick up. Copper is a fungicide and full of micro nutrients for plants. Assisting in many processes with the plant. Find any in the street/ old handbag/ un-used cents from last summer pop one in each pot or a few down your boarder. Just tell your kids so they don’t think they have found treasure every time they go in the garden! We all know money doesn’t grow on trees!! Plastic Bottles – Make those non-biodegradable items to long use. Plastic bottles can be used for all sorts of jobs. Watering devises, bird feeders, wasp traps, slug traps, just add some soil to make seedling containers.  Even tea light holders (just keep an eye on them so they don’t spill wax on you). Magnesium salt – Got a gym obsessive at home? Magnesium salt is beneficial for the body as well as the garden. Magnesium helps leaf colour and plant photosynthesis. Add to water and use to water your plants weekly. Also mix with vinegar to inhibit weeds especially useful for small areas for example weeds between paving slabs. These are just a few simple ways to use household items that are already in your cupboards or refuse/recycle bin. Save time going to expensive garden centres for fixes to your garden problems. Get searching your cupboards and your bound to have something. Also not introducing pesticides into the garden and reducing your rubbish. Let’s enjoy the garden the natural way! Spudulica.co.uk Spudulica home and gardenlogo_main

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