Homemade Garden gifting

Gardening gifts are fun to make and personalise for those you love.

Yes, Christmas is on the way, possibly a bit different from what we would normally have, but still a time to share your love and joy with others. Why not use your time in lockdown to put your gardening and crafting skills to good use?

Why not use your skills to make or give gardening gifts??

There is so much choice of things to do so you can really tailor any projects to your strengths or the recipients tastes.

Easy to do gifts involve taking cuttings of your favourite plants and planting them up for friends and family. You can really personalise them with decorated pots and beautiful wrapping.

What about if you have someone in your life who wants to get into the garden? Why not set them up a box of gardening essentials, gloves, knee pad, twine, seeds, bulbs, plant pot, seed catalogue, gardening magazine. You have so much choice and can really make a gift personal. Use your own experiences to decide whats useful and what isnt.

Indoor plants can also be easily be gifted and can add some greenery indoors, so even if you know someone does not have outdoor space you can still give a beautiful green fingered gift.

What about a bird feeder homemade or purchased?

You could even make up the food for the birds to put inside it. Nothing simpler than mixing lard and seeds together in a warm pan and allow to cool in the shape required. You can even cut a hole in the mixture when cooling to be able to add a string for hanging. (see bird feeder blog in our blog section for furthur info page 4 at the top)

Seed bombs are also a great DIY gift, add equal parts potting compost and clay and seeds together, add a little water to make it sticky and make into ball shapes. Leave the balls to dry on a tray or greaseproof paper, when dry wrap up in paper and they are ready to gift. Ready for the recipient to throw onto their garden for an explosion of new plants/flowers. Again another example of how a gift can be personalised by the seeds selected and wrapping chosen.


You could assemble a planting kit for a younger member of the family a pot, seeds and a bag of soil. Maybe even add a pack of paints and a brush and they can have fun both decorating the pot and watching their plant grow.


These are just a few simple examples of gifts that take not much time ro money to make, and can bring joy for more than just Christmas day.


“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies ” – Gertrude Jekyll

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