How best to line a Pot – Black Geotextile Liner

Using geotextile for a pot liner is a great idea to keep the longevity of your plants and pots.

In pots it’s a great idea to add a drainage layer, this is to stop roots becoming eater logged with persistent rain. It also allows space within a pot to help you to move the pot if needs be and it not be super full with heavy soil. A drainage layer can be stones, polystyrene anything that creates an area of space for water to drain through. A geotextile between the soil layer and the drainage layer will facilitate this process and allow for soil to not be lost as the water moves through the pot.

This thick 350GSM fabric is a great way to keep your pots or hanging baskets lined and draining. Its thicker so a slower drainage is facilitated to allow plants to absorb the water they want.

A thicker weight UV stabilised membrane is a great barrier between your soil and your garden pots and hanging baskets. Keeping plants happy and containers protected.

A tough and slow draining membrane that is also porous to allow air to root systems.

Key attributes

  • UV stable doesn’t matter if its exposed to sunlight
  • Slower draining
  • Thick – 350GSM
  • Cut easily into small pot sized pieces – Stanley blade
  • Easy to fold and cut to suit your different pot sizes

How to –

  • Work out the size of your container once drainage layer has been added to the bottom.
  • Buy Fabric required.
  • Fit into the pot or basket before cutting to get a good idea for fit.
  • Now cut to size as required, adding cuts and slits can help to get a good fit in corners or irregular shapes. Just be sure to overlap sections like this to stop gaps.
  • Once lined and in place check for gaps. Cut or fold any excess for a tidy finish.
  • Fill with soil and planting.

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