How can I make my garden nice for summer? – Easy to do at any budget.


How can I make my garden nice for summer?

After a long winter and wet spring you might not have had the time or inclination to make sure your garden is summer ready, but with a few small jobs you can get it back to its best just in time for those long summer days and BBQs.

Most gardens will only need a morning of work to be looking back to their best.

Make sure you have all the tools you need first these may vary depending on the type of garden you have but some shears, trowel, plant food, compost, fork, gloves and a bag for the cuttings to compost or recycle later.

Some easy jobs to tackle first

  • Weeding – Those weeds will have taken advantage of any inactivity on your part.
  • Apply mulch – Helps create a moisture barrier for plants into the summer and also provides a fresh layer over plants for that overall garden appeal.
  • Attract wildlife by planting some colourful and pollen filled summer flowering plants. Why not try Roses, Marigolds, or Lavender. Not only add colour but a wonderful scent.
  • Lawn feeding and watering to prepare for summer heat – keeping your grass green for longer.
  • Cleaning pots and planters – you will be amazed how much of a difference this can make.
  • Move pots and planters – Again an easy way to give your garden a new look without actually changing anything.

Getting your garden summer ready doesn’t even have to cost you much, make sure what you want to achieve and keep to your budget.

Budget friendly garden ideas

  1. Re-use planters and pots
  2. Tidying and de cluttering your outdoor space can be all that’s needed.
  3. Adding some solar lights can make a massive difference especially to make use of those summer evenings
  4. IF you want some new plants do you know anyone who can gift you cuttings to grow yourself? Or buy and invest in some shrubs that will come back each year. Geraniums are a favourite if mine.
  5. Garden mirrors can really create a focal point in the garden and add to a garden revamp quickly and easily.

A simple and cheap way to get going in 2023 –

Grow bags from Spudulica come in set of 2

Easy to carry and are great for the garden and home.

Portable and low cost ready to be planted up and making your garden its best for summer 2023. Also sturdy and can be used year after year.

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