How to Secure Geotexile Fabric

Jointing and securing Geotextiles

How do I joint my geotextile once in place?

There are a few easy ways to joint your geotextile,

  • Tape
  • Pins
  • Overlap

Overlapping geotexiles

Overlapping is a great way to ensure that laid down geotextiles are fitted together well; without gaps creating weak spots in your stabilisation and filtration layers. Overlap should be at least 30-50cm and needs to be factored in when you’re looking at the amount of geotextile you need to purchase. Remember to lay your geotextile down in a way that leads to less overlap, for example laying out your membrane roll along the longest side of an area as your start point.

Overlapping is a great way to secure geotextiles together in a domestic setting but in some more specialised uses for geotextile membrane overlap won’t be sufficient.

Pinning Geotexiles

U Pins will be a useful addition to overlapped areas and to edges. U pins are a simple metal U shaped pin that can be inserted through the geotextile membrane and into the subbase to secure. This is especially helpful for edges of membranes both woven and non-woven.  The flat-topped pin can be inserted easily with a boot and is then flat against the floor and membrane; 2x pin per M2 is recommended. This stops membrane edges moving and lifting once in situ.

Taping Geotexiles

Jointing tape can also be used in a variety of projects, this black tape comes in a roll of 50cm and is 10cm width. Helping to secure overlapped sections of geotextile with ease. Again, it can be easily pulled from the roll and attached using your boot. Following overlapped edges giving you a secure barrier at an overlapped edge.

Tape is also great for soakaway applications when geotextile is wrapped around soakaway crates or stones. The uneven surface is not good for pinning and just overlapped sections could be moved by water flow over time. Taping seams will provide that extra support the membrane needs once in the ground. Also, it’s easy to tape once in situ in the ground. The jointing tape is very sticky and can cope with the moisture once installed with a soakaway.

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