How do I know if I need a specialist membrane?

Spudulica home & Garden has been the home of the pre cut small non-woven geotextile since 2016. We are proud to supply any DIY or home garden project with the sizes that suit you.

Our standard 100gsm white membrane is still our best seller and that because we source the best we can find and provide it in a pre-packed size that can get to you quickly and easily.

But what if your project requires a more specialised fabric?

Well we can help with that too!

Get in contact with us on if your looking for something specific.

We do stock some more varied options that could fit the bill and of course we always have in mind sizes our customers would need.

How do I know if I need a specialist membrane?

Here are some examples of projects that might need to have a higher specked GSM fabric.

  • Green roof’s
  • Large Soakaway systems
  • Heavy Loading Applications
  • Horse Arenas with high traffic
  • Playgrounds

350gsm – Non Woven Fabric

Our black 350gsm fabric is a great thicker drainage layer, being 350gsm can withstand heavier loading applications and is more resistant to UV due to its added carbon element.

Thicker but still breathable and good for water flow. Also if a cushioning layer is needed, for example as a barrier layer between a pond liner fabric and surrounding soil.

Available in a variety of sizes -2x5m, 2x10m,2×12.5m,2x25m

Orange – Woven Membrane

Our high-vis orange woven geotextile is another option in our specialist membrane section. Do you need to make a separation between a new DIY solution and some contaminated ground? Do you need to make an area visible for future plans? Do you need to warn future installers of an area of concern? This will be the geotextile for you.

As a woven fabric it is high loading and also has low permeability too. The orange colour also helps to show as a warning in the ground for future use. A simple an effective method that will stand the test of time and is easy and simple to install.

Not to forget our narrow width pieces

perfect for paths, smaller borders, alley ways, pipework, French drains, planter liners.

  • 1.1m width and you can choose the length you want.

Our standard 100GSM product but sized as you want. No need to over buy.

Buy what’s required for your French drain or soakaway pipework.

Any queries on the type of fabric you need just check out our handy blog section 

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