How do I measure a Manhole Cover?

How do I measure my manhole cover?

All manhole or access covers are measured by their aperture size/ hole size so you will have to lift your existing cover or measure the hole you want to cover first.

If you already have a cover its good practise to measure the overall size of the cover with frame so that you know any new cover will also work well for your space.

Then be sure to check the depth you have to work with too, both for the internal tray depth you need for your flooring but also with the height/ hole depth you have to cover.

We have a handy image to help you out, any queries give us a bell on 0151 5151415

Other Top Tips

  • Measure in mm for an accurate size
  • If you unsure double check your measurements
  • Its best practise to not mix new trays with old frames – our covers are sold as a cover and frame set for a secure fit.
  • Double check over head height to check for lifting issues.

Interior Options 

Avaliable in 3 in tray depths

21mm, 41mm and 61mm

Overall size 40mm, 60mm and 80mm with Frame

Exterior Options 

Avaliable in 2 in tray depths

48MM and 68MM

Overall size 60 mm and 80mm with Frame

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