How do I stop waterlogging? – Ideas and Solutions

How to combat waterlogging?

Waterlogging occurs when water cannot drain away, because the ground is saturated with water. This can also happen as some soils drain poorly or are very compacted. Waterlogging can be a nuisance but can also have long term implications such as killing plants and trees in your garden and adding to surface run off locally to increase the probability of flooding.

How do I know if my lawn is waterlogged?

Your lawn or garden is covered with water after heavy rain that doesn’t disappear within a few hours of the rain stopping. This can affect just a small part of your garden or may impact the whole garden.

What you can do –

Aeration -improving drainage and adding air to soil. This should be done regularly in spring and summer

Making sure moss in the lawn is removed

French drain – For a large area of waterlogging. A trench at your lowest point allows for water to move away from the lawn and be absorbed and prevent surface run off issues.

Permeable paving and paths – A great long term solution to allow waterlogged areas to be supported within a framework and to provide more areas that are permeable and decrease surface run off. Converting to permeable paving doesn’t need planning permission in the UK.


Collect rainwater – Rainwater tanks can take water from downpipes before it even hits the ground and underground soakaway crates can save a substantial amount of water that won’t now sit on the surface.

Some options are longer term solutions and may take a bit of work to install. But if your garden is waterlogged it will not be a quick fix.

As we also enter one of the wettest parts of the year in the UK you may want to plan for next year to combat the issues you have.

Also with the increase in impermeable surfaces and insufficient drainage it might be that waterlogging only gets worse. What will be your long term solution?

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