How do I stop weeds in my artificial grass?

Artificial grass is super popular and provides a long term and stress free addition to any garden. Once installed it provides you with year round greenery to enjoy  even for those of us who are not green fingered.

Artificial grass is an alternative to a traditional grass lawn, but it can also suffer the same issues if not maintained correctly.

Weeds can also make their home in your artificial grass if you’re not careful.

Wind blown seeds have all the nutrients they need to grow and only need a little protection and water to get growing. Once they land on your artificial grass they get to work leading to grown plants in a matter of weeks.

Weeds shouldn’t be problem underneath your artificial turf if your ground has been properly prepared and any joints or edges are also secured well. A prepared base with geotextile membrane will help to inhibit weeds alongside the turf layer on the top.

Artificial grass is a great answer for those who don’t enjoy or cannot maintain a lawn area but it is by no means a maintenance free solution. Like anything it needs a little time and attention not only to keep the weeds at bay but to keep the turf looking good into the future.

Artificial grass maintenance tips

  • Remove and leaves, debris and pull out weeds.
  • Spray with a hose and brush so that turf fibres are washed
  • If artificial turf looks dirty add a watered down cleaning solution – NOT BLEACH then wash and brush again.
  • Keep your artificial turf away from garden heat sources such as Patio Heaters, BBQ’s, Pizza Ovens and Fire pits.

3 simple rules with artificial grass

  • Prepare
  • Maintain
  • Enjoy!

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