How do you collect rainwater from a downpipe?

How do you collect rainwater from a downpipe?

A small piece of kit that can help to regulate the amount of water you are storing; usually in a garden water butt.

It looks unimpressive a tube a box like contraption and maybe a washer or two. You’ll probably install your water butt and find it inside; you might even not bother to put in on right away.

A Diverter Kit is the solution

A diverter kit is a small device that you fit onto your household downpipes to move rainwater into your garden water storage device. It is placed into your down pipe and connects via a hose to your water butt for the water to flow into.

How to install a rainwater diverter?

  • Find a suitable position and downpipe in your garden to use.
  • Position the water butt maximum of 500mm from the rainwater downpipe.
  • Cut a circular hole 100mm from the top of the butt.
  • Taking a level line from the bottom of the hole, mark the pipe. Mark a second line 30mm above
  • Cut pipe on both marks & move pipe to fit diverter.
  • Fix the tank connector to the water butt, extend the flexible hose to connect the diverter to the water butt.
  • Enjoy the rain and get ready to water the garden when its dry.
  • Best practice clean out water butt annually and check diverter for debris periodically to prevent filling issues.

What happens if my water butt is full?

A diverter kit has a handy feature when the water butt or storage area is full the kit then stops water from entering the water butt and allows it to flow back down the down pipe.

Do I need a specific kit for my water butt?

No most kits are universal you just need to check your down pipe diameter so you get a good fit when installing. Most water butts have the same ¾ inch connectors needed already to be used.

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