How to Cut Geotextile Fabric?


Your ready to start your project, laid down the membrane; but wait it needs trimming to fit your garden project. 

A few tips on keeping your geotextile neat…

What do you cut geotexile fabric with?

Firstly, you will need a Stanley blade (or similar) that is new and sharp, scissors can be used on the lower GSM non-woven membranes but will not work with any thicker 200+GSM fabrics. But don’t use with woven membranes. 

Also, if you are using a lot of membrane fabric that needs cutting make sure you have enough Stanley blades to re new them frequently.

Do I cut woven and non woven fabrics the same way?

Woven geotextile membranes will also need careful handling as once cut they fray. Cutting with sharp Stanley blade can help reduce strands pulling. Its best with the woven fabric to put into the place and secure then neaten up any edges, as more handling will only lead to more fraying of the material. 

Trust me the strands from woven geotextile get everywhere!

Can I cut my fabric once in place?

Once your membrane is in place make sure it is flat and if you can hold in place with one hand while you cut with the other. Any bumps or folds will result in a jagged cut and not a straight line.

If you’re cutting around corners or more complex shapes it may be best to use a marker to mark out cutting areas. Remember excess edges can be easily folded down and pinned if you do get some raggedy bits.

Obviously be careful when cutting, cut away from yourself if you can and wear gloves if possible. 

Use these tips and you can have a perfectly cut membrane layer for your project to continue.

If we can be of any help or assistance please do contact us!

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