Aluminium Garden Edging – what is it and how to install

Aluminium Garden edging

Garden edging

Yet another exciting product supplied by Spudulica Home and Garden

What is garden edging?

Garden edging is that finishing touch you can add to your garden. Whether its adding definition to borders, adding to a pathway or making a feature of a tree or garden ornament garden edging can do it all.

Aluminium edging is especially good as an attractive and different finish with garden edging. Providing a robust and aesthetic finish.


What can I use garden edging with?

Garden edging can be used with may types of garden features. It is great with gravel, flags, blocks, soil, turf and even resin bound stone applications. Any application for a robust definition to an area.

What is aluminium garden edging?

Exactly what it says a silver aluminium strip that can be used for those garden finishing touches.

Aluminium garden edging is a long piece of aluminium ready to add to your garden aesthetic. These 64mm (height) pieces come in 2m lengths, in an L shape ready to be laid quickly and easily. These pieces also come with ground spikes and connectors.

How do I lay garden edging?

  • Be sure to clear the area you want to edge first, remove any leaves or unwanted items.
  • Simply place the L shaped edging pieces down in place.
  • Move the edging to your requirements.
  • Hold in place and using the ground spikes supplied pin in place using a mallet.
  • The subsequent pieces will then connect to the next piece with the connectors supplied.
  • Continue along the area you want to edge.
  • If you need to cut the edging you can used a hack saw to cut neatly where needed.
  • Stand back and check, pieces can be lifted and re positioned with ease.
  • Once in place you can tidy/ cover up the pinned sections by covering with mulch, chippings, lawn etc.

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