How to lay a geotextile fabric

Following in our current series of geotextile focussed blogs, we have another one on how to lay your membrane.

Preparation is key 

Firstly measure the area you need, length by width to give you an area measurement (m2).

Then decide what type of geotextile fabric you require, is it needed for stabilisation and filtration? – non woven is your go to. Or is it a bank that needs supporting? – strong woven is what you need.

Do you also need pins or pegs to secure down?

Make sure you order enough especially if you will have to overlap your pieces as you go along, add another 30-50cm for this.

You will need a Stanley blade and  gloves and depending on the area size possibly do this as a two person team.

Pick a dry day and you’re ready to go.

How to guide 

Step one – prepare the ground. Remove any grass, shrubs, bulbs and large stones.

Step two – Fill any holes left from large stones so that the ground is level and prepped.

Step three – Un roll or un pack fabric purchased earlier.

Step Four – Make sure the geotextile is covering the area needed and is laying flat against the soil.

Step Five – Secure down with pegs/pins at the edge. Pin tightly to keep the fabric flat and in place. 1 pin per metre along its length.

Step six – If you have overlap from piece to piece remember it needs to be 30-50cm for good coverage. You can also pin at the overlap to secure.

Step Seven – once secured well spread over your next layer e.g. type 1 or decorative aggregate


You can now be safe in the knowledge that your projects base is safe and secured into the future.

Any Queries give us a call on 0151 1415 to speak to our helpful team.

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