Installing a plastic permeable shed base – what are the pro’s and con’s?

Installing a shed or outdoor room can be a major addition to your home.

But how to start of your build?

You need to have a secure foundation so that your shed will be useful and secure in to the future.

There are a few options for shed bases such as concrete, paving, timber, gravel and permeable plastic grids.

Cons of wooden base

A wooden base requires maintenance to stop wood rotting over time

Wood can be prone to pests as well as rot

Wood itself has natural variations, that can cause weaknesses

Cons of concrete

Difficult to lay – expensive

Negative environmental impacts

Not easily removed if you want to change the garden

Cons of paving

Time consuming


Impermeable – environmental effects

Cons of gravel

Movement of gravel

Difficult to level.

Cons of Plastic Grid

Can be expensive than other methods like wood.

Pro’s for plastic paving grid as a shed base



Won’t rot

Easily lifted and can be reused

Easy to fit

EcoGrid creates an even and secure base for your shed or outdoor room.

Another blog to highlight the versatility of EcoGrid as a paving solution.

See are others blogs if you don’t believe us –

Installing a permeable plastic paving grid as a shed base

  • Check with local authority about permissions for shed/outdoor room height and size
  • Plan size and position of your shed then mark out
  • Remove and stones, plants, grass etc
  • Dig out depending on shed size this should be enough so that when plastic grid is laid it is level with ground level
  • Ensure you have a compacted and primed sub base that is level
  • Add geotextile membrane LINK
  • Lay the plastic paving on top of the membrane
  • If you want extra load bearing you can then fill the grids with gravel.
  • Trim geotextile and possibly gravel around the shed base for a finishing touch.

Grids can be laid directly on the ground if needed and do not have to be filled so you can make your own choices with your garden situation.

Any EcoGrid queries – give us a call on 0151 515 1415 or email our helpful team at

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