Interior Manhole covers – Questions answered

Do you need access to drains or under floor areas within your home or workplace?

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What is an internal drain cover?

Sometimes  buildings cover areas of pipe work that may need to be accessed this could be an extension being built  over a garden or just a junction that is important. The manhole is the area you can access these underfloor pipes at need.

What is a recessed drain cover?

A drain cover with a recess once installed; the interior of the cover or tray is lower than the frame /floor height to allow you to fill the tray sympathetically with the flooring surrounding the cover. This helps to create a more seamless finish in your project. Recessed covers can be used both externally for  example driveways or internally with interior flooring finishes.

How do I hide a manhole cover?

Interior manhole covers have a recessed tray, this allows you to then fill the recess with the same flooring that you have. Leaving only an outline of the manhole cover visible. You can also choose an interior manhole cover that has a frame that will also suit your needs, the frames can be plastic, aluminium or stainless steel.

Can I just cover a manhole?

NO, It might seem easier to just go ahead and cover an unsightly manhole in your floor. It’s just not worth it if there is an issue and access is needed. Gaining access in the event of an issue will only lead to more cost and problems. Internal covers are recessed and allow you to continue your flooring with ease.

How do measure for an internal access cover?

Remember manhole covers are sold by the aperture size (opening size) so when you check size you need two measurements the overall size that includes frame and cover and the opening size.

Also be aware of the depth you have to work with.

Which cover would suit my needs?

An interior cover needs to meet regulations and must be a Triple sealed manhole cover for interior use. It is odour proof and waterproof with 2 neoprene seals and a T seal to prevent dirt from collecting between cover and frame. The frame of this cover can be screwed down and locked. Providing a stable base for a manhole needed in any aesthetic purpose. Also ensure the cover has the correct load bearing weight for your requirements, take into account what or who may be moving across it.


Triple sealed covers also come in 2x depths if  you have any depth issues.

Are interior manhole covers easy to lift?

Once installed covers can be easily lifted using supplied keys, these keys screw into the pre drilled corner holes. Once screwed in to lift the T section of the key to lift up. If the recessed tray is tiled or filled please be aware that the cover may be heavy best to do with two people and be aware of manual handling practices. Also be sure to keep the edges of the cover and frame clean to stop any build up of dirt that may over time make opening the cover more difficult.


Are interior access covers easy to install?

Yes it’s a simple process. Remove the old cover and frame, level and bed the new frame and cover in place with cement then once dry lift cover to check the interior is secure and the cover lifts easily.

Then your ready to in fill the  tray to match your flooring.

Please ensure you replace the whole frame and cover and do not try to fit new an existing together. Also ensure your cover has the correct loading specification for your floor area. for all your interior and exterior access covers. 

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