Is 2024 the End of Artifical Grass?

Will the government band artificial grass?

Is this the end of artificial turf in your garden?

Artificial grass is now a staple part of many peoples gardens, its an easy solution for many reasons

  • Easy to up keep – NO mowing required.
  • Doesn’t get muddy – Won’t be ruined by any pets or children’s football practice.
  • Stays green all year – No need to re-seed or fertilise.
  • Good option for areas where lawns struggle to grow – Deep shade or bad soil is no issue.
  • Nice finish for those who won’t or can’t garden due to inclination or ability but still want to enjoy their outside spaces.
  • Long term Solution
  • Time saving

Despite these benefits artificial grass is now under the microscope.

Artificial grass blades have now been discovered to be adding to the issue of increasing marine plastics being transported by surface run off into drainage channels and then the ocean. 

The RHS have reported artificial grass contributes to the urban heat island effect, as artificial grass is plastic based it heats in the sun adding to built up areas heating. This can also be an issue in the home as the grass may burn pets feet or children as it can be 10% hotter in the sun than the air temperature.

The urban heat island effect is the fact that urban areas like cities and towns are significantly warmer areas than other areas. This is due to a build up of surfaces that absorb heat such as roads, buildings then emit the heat back out with no cooling effect.

An illustration of an urban heat island. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The RHS has now decided to ban all artificial grass from all of its shows to persuade others to the same. The governments levelling up initiative are investigating if artificial grass will also be banned from new housing estates.

Artificial grass is a quick an convenient option for some but it is increasingly an issue as the world has problems with global warming and a decrease in biodiversity will lead to more questions being asked.  Small scale changes at home can make the difference. A lawn or garden area can help to decrease local temperatures as water evaporates through transpiration, it can also help the biodiversity of your local area. Plants and trees are a major force for good in our global fight against global warming.

Things to consider –

Can you recycle your old artificial grass?

Are you sending it to Landfill?

Buying a quality product that doesn’t shed

Use artificial grass and have planting areas

Consider a plastic alternative that wont lead to soil depreciation – grid example/gravel or grass

So far there are not plans for bans in the UK, but as more evidence arrives products like artificial grass may be taxed and become more expensive.

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