Is permeable paving worth it?

It might seem like a strange solution when traditional impermeable paving solutions work well. But take a look and see what permeable paving can bring to your outdoor environment.

Permeable paving options –


Plastic paving


Porous concrete


Permeable pavers

So you can achieve a number of different finishes.

Permeable paving legislation has been in force of a number of years and is supposed to be installed instead of impermeable areas for driveways and front gardens. See button below for all the information. 

This legislation is widely unknown and impermeable solutions are used and installed all over the UK. More impermeable surfaces lead to an increase in  surface run off and flooding events, they also add to urban areas heating. This is called urban heat island effect stopping the cooling effect provided by plants and green spaces.  So in the long run a permeable solution can help to the cooling of urban areas and reduce flooding events.

What is permeable paving?

Permeable paving allows water to flow thorough it into the ground and surrounding area.

Is permeable paving expensive?

Just like all paving solutions permeable paving has a variety of price points, from cheapest being gravel installations to permeable block paving being amongst the most expensive. There really are options for every budget.

Permeable paving myths         

Permeable paving is expensive – like anything has its cheaper options

Permeable paving is not long lasting – EcoGrid guarantee 20yrs!

Permeable paving doesn’t have many finish options – resin alone has multiple design elements, plastic paving can have grass, gravel or stone infill aggregates have lots of different colours and size options. Permeable paving blocks can be laid just like your impermeable blocks with patterns and borders.

Permeable paving will clog – as water flows through it moves debris and dirt with it to prevent clogging.

Permeable paving is not good for heavy loads – take a look below.

Filled Cold Tub and Hot Tub on EcoGrid Bloxx system

So what’s the problem permeable paving is an option both for driveways and gardens.


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