Issues with garden drainage?

In those wet and winter months mud and rain can become a massive issue.

A mud pit/ waterlogged area is not a nice place to enjoy your outdooe space. Excess water can even be an issue for foundations and any out door paved areas as well; especially long term.

Where and what is causing the issue is the first thing to work out. Guttering? a neighbours property? an extension? it is always wise to decide the sourcs of water to work out what size of soakaway you will need. If you have more water than soakaway capacity all your work will be for nothing.

Do a percolation test.

Dig a hole(approx 75cm) but narrow hole in a central location, then fill with water. check how long it takes for the water to be drained completely. If it takes over 4 hours then you have a drainage issue.

A soakway could be your solution. Best to check regs surrounding soakaway systems and local water based issues in your area.

At .uk we have a range of soakaway kits ready to buy with all the kit you nedd to install your soakway, they are valaible in different Litre capacity to deal with small to large amounts of water. The crates come with 190L soakaway crates, geotextile membrane for wrapping anf geotextile tape for securing seams and folds.

Easy to install once you have sited them correctly away from your home and your neighbours,

Dig a hole the required size, lay geotextile membrane in the hole then place in soakaway crates. Fold the geotextile around the crates make sure all areas are covered then use tape to secure geotextile in place and no gaps are evident. Then fill the hole and cover up the wrapped crates, now giving you a reserve area for extra water to be absorbed into.

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