July and August Jobs

A look ahead into July/August in the garden

Lets hope we are in for a continuation of the lovely weather that’s persisted through May and June so far!

Firstly with this hotter weather we need to think about providing water for our garden birds and for our young or newly planted plants. Plants in containers also need more care as it is harder for them to retain food and water. Its best to do watering first thing in the morning before the sun is up fully or I the evening as the sun has dipped in the sky.

Lets remember though that this lovely growing time is also a great time for pests and diseases. We have covered prevention and tackling these issues in previous blogs, but vigilance is key!

Deadheading flowers when faded will help keep plants flowering – not just removing the flower but cutting lower on the stem up to the next leaf will really help to start strong new growth.

Lets save as much water as we can if you have a water butt this is its time to shine, if you don’t need quite that much water then leaving out a watering will always help.

Are you planning a summer holiday?? Have you planned for the garden while you are away? Gardens can become over grown while you are exploring new and exotic shores; indoor plants can also become scorched in the heat. Keep on top of your garden jobs and this will minimise the risk of coming back to a jungle. Can you ask a neighbour or family remember to come and water plants? Or you could install a simple irrigation system even burying partially will help them from drying out quickly.

Now is the time to plant any last-minute vegetables for autumn and to fill any border gaps with bedding plants. While your out in your garden you can also take a step back and look at what has really worked for you this growing year and what hasn’t. You can start planning for next year and it’s never too early to order those bulbs you want for spring!

Whatever happens this summer lets relish the garden and all our adventures this year so far. Hopefully the fruits of your labour have been realised and the gardening bug has well and truly begun.

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