Look after your local wildlife

The autumn garden jobs will soon reduce and you will be getting your garden ready for its dormant period during winter. Its during this period that some local wildlife might decide to make a home with you for their winter rest. Hedgehogs, bats and dormice hibernate but any other animals will also need places to hide/keep warm for winter.

Why not create an insect hotel?

Keep a section of your garden for logs, sticks, bricks covered with leaves an twigs. This will make a nice home for those little garden creatures.

Why not get the kids involved, could be a good use of a rainy afternoon?

With November now with us be sure to check all leaf piles before disposing of them.

Make sure your garden has an accessible water source; this can be used for drinking and washing by local wildlife and birds. Just be sure to keep it from freezing on the coldest days.

If you can also leave out a supply of seeds and nuts for local squirrels and birds.

Don’t for get our watery friends, fish and frogs wills survive colder days by moving to the bottom of ponds. Just be sure to keep ponds clear from debris and stop them from freezing over. Fish will go dormant in colder months and can survive 0’c just be sure there is holes in any ice to help with CO2 loss.

Ivy can be a great autumn winter home for butterflies, moths and dormice. If you do find any moths or butterflies in your home autumn/winter make sure to gently put them back outside somewhere sheltered.  They have been attracted to the heat of your home and this will confuse their life cycle.

Why not leave out dog or cat food if you do have hedgehogs?

Do you space for a bat box? Easy to install in a protected area over 4m from the ground. Bats hibernate in winter and will find places to roost that are cool and quiet.

Why not also invest in some autumn winter plants these will provide garden joy for you and food sources for your local wildlife.  

Just a few ideas that anyone can do in their outdoor space to give you local wildlife a boost.

These local animals, bugs and birds will definitely help your garden into 2023.

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