looking ahead to June/July

June/ July – preview

Let’s look ahead to the summer garden. We are nearly in the beginning of summer hopefully the warmer weather will appear, and we can all start taking more time out in the garden. In June/July your garden is at its peak, plants are ready to make their best display. Your garden spaces will be boasting beautiful blooms, lovely fragrance. It’s now a chance to sit down and enjoy your hard work. Of course, no growing season is without its jobs. But the pace is slower than spring. Just remember to look after yourself when your out in the garden in summer. Make sure your covered from the sun and have a drink to hand its easy to become burned and dehydrated whilst doing your outdoor jobs. Keep a hat and drink alongside those tools. Keep an eye out for pests – unfortunately they want to enjoy your beautiful plants/veggies too! Keep up with mowing the lawn. Harvest your fruit/veg – Not that I need to include that one, I’m waiting with bated breath for any of my fruit/veg to be ready. Watch out for hot dry spells – Water plants well if a dry spell continues do you have space for a water butt?? To save future rain and useful all year round. Keep the colour going by dead heading plants – Take off old blooms to help the plant to create new. Weeding – yes, its nonstop, those pesky weeds love the summer too. Summer bedding plants can add an extra level of colour and enjoyment to the summer garden. They can be acquired cheaply and really help to add that extra joy over summer. Easy to buy and plant. They help to fill any gaps in the garden so that those summer garden hours are spent in enjoyment.

I honestly can’t wait for summer to come!

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