LOW COST RE- VAMP – gravel


Thinking of re vamping your driveway or an area in your home??

There are of course many options out there, but a great lower cost solution is a gravel driveway.

Its easy to install and giving a quick and easy re vamp of your home. Also, it allows water to drain quickly and easily without having to add extra drainage channels.

First you need to work out the area you wish to cover, you can do this by calculating the area m2 by length x width. If it’s a strange size or changes you can always divide into smaller sections, then add the sizes together.

There are many types of gravel and aggregates available that can complement pretty much any house decor and garden. Just remember that a 20kg bag will roughly cover 0.25m2 of area.

The process of creating a new gravel area is also simple and can be done by anyone.

 Firstly, prep your soil by removing any large stones and removing any weeds or plants. Thoroughly check for any unwanted plants. Now compact the soil once its prepared. The next part is to add a geotextile layer, used for weed suppression and filtration.

At Spudulica.co.uk we specialise in non-woven geotextiles in differing sizes, from 1.1x1m to full rolls of quality 100gsm fabric. We also stock a range of woven geotextiles for those areas that need another layer due to heavy loading.




Lay the geotextile fabric down and secure with pins to prevent folding when adding the next layers. Then to add your gravel or chosen aggregate, then rake it into place and enjoy your handywork.

To add another dimension to your new gravel area you could add a grid to help support and contain your gravel. Especially if you are driving over the area to there is a lot of foot traffic. The grid will contain the gravel and reduce the need to top up in the future.

These grids can easily be added after the geotextile layer and before adding the gravel or stones.


At Spudulica we offer 2 types a general retention grid in green and EcoGrid E40 a black tough grid, with a 20yr guarantee.

You can fill the grids and they will retain the gravel and stones even with the pressure of cars moving over the area.

Only a few easy steps to give your outdoor space a new lease of life.


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