Make the eco choice for you garden

Want to make the Eco choice for your garden?

Want to be sure you have the right products that meet your ecological plans for your outdoor spaces.

Spudulica Home & Garden stock a range of recycled plastic items ready to be used for years to come.

Quality products that don’t need to be replaced every season and can be reused time after time.


This permeable paving is not only good to keep your local area flooding events less it is also fully recycled. It is manufactured using collected recycled waste saved from landfill. Made into a fully tested and guaranteed product that will work in your outdoor spaces for years to come. EcoGrid can also be used temporarily if you need areas of ground support, it can then be re-lifted clean and is ready to go again.

Its patented locking system allows it to be easily connected together and laid where needed. Also its small tile size allows you to use it for may applications, driveways, paths, parking areas, access routes and treads for trucks, to name a few.

EcoGrid has also been tested for multiple applications and has a range of permeable grids that can suit any project.

EcoGrid has also been tested for its influence on the local area over time in regards to micro plastics. No micro plastics were found even after an area had been in constant use for over 5 years.

Key features

Fully recycled


Allows for grass or planted infill to add to an areas biodiversity.


Easy to Install

Key Features

Fully Recycled


Easy to Install

Allows for planting to be continued and keep up natural greenery.

Flexible and HD edging

Again another fully recycled plastic garden must have!

Keep your garden areas neat with our selection of garden edging even the securing pins are recycled.

We supply 2x types in 4x sizes

Flexible edging 60mm or 45mm in green or black colour.

Then our HD edging is 60mm or 80mm height in black.

Plastic saved from landfill is cleaned then shredded up and reformed into new products.

The edging is easy to install as it’s a no dig solution. It can also be used widely for paths, lawns edging, sectioning borders and highlighting areas of interest. Want to stop your pathway gravel moving onto your lawn? Then this is the solution for you.

Helps to keep your green saves green and organised.

Check out our other handy products to keep your garden more Eco

Cloudburst water Butt – Save Rainwater in this fully recycled water butt stylishly designed for any garden.

RainCatcher Water butt Tank 750l – Fully recycled UK made large capacity Water Storage – reduced emissions   

Diverter kit – save rainwater one handy device to collect your Rain water

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