Make your own bee house –

Why not add another place in the garden to help your local bee population?

Why not make a bee house?

It is easy to do maybe get the kids invloved.

Find a suitable casing with an open end. A recycled 2l bottle would work with the top and end cut off. Just cut a section so it creates an overhang.

Make sure you have a sunny position to fix it to, like a fence or wall at least 1m off the floor.

Fill the box with small blocks of wood and little logs with holes. Bamboo canes would work well. Make sure its packed well.

Make sure the house will keep dry with a lip on the top or keeping canes inside the case.

Fix it up securely in your chosen place.

Bee houses are good to help solitary bees and cavity nesting bees a new home in which to lay eggs or to even give a weary bee a rest. Nesting bees love hollow stems and dead wood.

Another great way to help your local ecosystems get crafty and bring bees to your garden however big or small.

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