Manhole/access cover for grass? – Is there a solution?

Do you have a patch of the garden that’s not looking its best? Re vamping the garden is what Spudulica Home and Garden are all about.

This week we focus on those unsightly parts of the garden that require a bit more work than just a tidy and clean up.

Does your garden or lawn contain a manhole cover? These covers are necessary but they don’t add to the appeal of your outdoor areas. They can also end up being just the place where somebody might trip or the kids fall every time, leading to cut knees and falls.

Don’t worry we have a solution, our UK stocked range of exterior recessed access covers. Pre prepared for grass and soil.

What are garden (or grass) drain covers?

A great product to improve your outdoor spaces.

Grass top covers are specially designed to help grass or plants grow, allow drainage and cover any ground access holes. This prevents the need for unsightly iron or metal manhole covers in your lawn or garden.

At Spudulica we can supply grassed filled recessed tray manhole covers. No need to look at those unsightly patches and can help minimise the risk of tripping over any protruding edges.

Just be sure to measure correctly – its easy!

How to measure your access cover

When choosing your cover be aware sizes given are the opening size. The overall size of the cover will be bigger. See all sizes available below. Don’t forget:

Clear opening size = hole in the frame

External dimensions/overall frame size = total measurement with frame included

Do the job once and that’s all you need.

A grass manhole cover is supplied with both frame and cover for a secure fit when removing your old one. The new frame will need fitting into where the old one was removed and cemented in. Then once dry add the recessed tray cover. This cover is sent pre prepared to be filled with soil and then sown with grass seed or laid with artificial turf. Due to the trays recess you can fill the tray as needed to be level with your own garden requirements. It can also be filled with gravel, chippings, bark and stones to match any garden design.

The specialised tray of the cover is pre manufactured with drainage and geotextiles to allow for drainage that can feed you soil and grass but stop and leeching of soil over time.

How do I install a grass access cover? – Fitting steps

  1. Remove old lid and remove the old frame and cement holding it in place (don’t fall into hole)
  2. Mix your premixed cement with some water to make a cake mix type slightly stiff consistency
  3. Add the mix around the hole where the cover will sit
  4. Place the cover down on the mix and use the hammer gently to level the cover into the mix at the same height as the surrounding grass, check with a level.
  5. Allow the mix to set overnight,
  6. Lift out the tray from the frame to check ease of lifting.
  7. Fill the tray of the cover and surrounding ground with your topsoil / compost. Fill level if using seed or 20mm lower than surface if using rolled turf
  8. Place tray back into place
  9. Spread grass seed and wait for growth or roll out turf and compact into the cover and surrounding ground.
  10. Job done!

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