National Allotment Week 12th-18th August

National Allotment Week 2019 is now upon us!

Started in 2002 by the National Allotment Society to raise awareness of allotments nationally and the work of the society.

This year it has the theme shared harvest.

“This year we are celebrating the Shared Harvest from our precious plots. There comes a time in every growing season when plants produce more crops than any plot-holder can freeze, pickle or jam and generous allotment holders begin to arrive at work with baskets of plums, armfuls of rhubarb and Tupperware full of green beans. Many plot-holders also share their produce with worthy causes and this year we  have also taken a look at the practice of donating crops to food banks.”

Series or events and open days can be found at:

After a visit maybe you get eh allotment bug??

Ask your local council to find out where your local allotment is.

Your local council may have different options. In some areas there may be a waiting list. You can usually apply through their website for a plot or be added to a waiting list for your preferred option. In my local area (Wirral) the cost is £60.00 per year for a full plot and £30 per year for a half plot. With the year running 1st Oct to 30th September. Be aware that some popular allotments may have a waiting list that is capped at 100 applications. Might be worth trying to be added to a few to see what comes up?

And hopefully you can be digging in your new plot in months to come!

If it is taking some time maybe think about making some room in your own garden and see what you can grow! Pot and planters can be a great source of fruit and veg.

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