National Tree Week 28th Nov-6th Dec

Trees are a part of our everyday landscape. But have you stopped to think about the benefits they bring??

During national tree week lets celebrate our Trees.

Trees clean the air by removing nitrogen oxides and other pollutant gases, they also take in excess CO2. Trees save water through evaporation and can prevent soil erosion with their roots. Trees provide shelter and homes for both humans and animals. Trees are also beautiful to look at and can become landmarks in their own right.

National tree week 28th nov-6th dec 2020

With the start of tree planting season the tree council have a national tree week. In 2020 this week runs 28th Nov- 6th Dec. Started in 1975 to support UK trees being re planted after a Dutch elm disease outbreak. Now it co-ordinates and advertises many different sectors to set up and run events to plant new trees all over the UK. There are also online events using music, books and photography from UK musicians and authors; creating a link between their current works and trees. Available at the tree council website.


Why not spend a moment to think about the trees in your area. some may be hundreds of years old, imagine what they have lived through? Not just this crazy year of 2020!

Why not celebrate your local trees by taking part in – Tree dressing day – 6th Dec 2020

Tree dressing is celebrated in different cultures all over the world. It’s a tradition that brings people closer to trees and highlights the important role they play in our lives. It’s also a great way of saying thank you to trees for all the benefits they provide.

A day for everybody to share the history and stories of local trees. A fun activity for everyone to come together for our local environment.

Decorate the branches, add ribbons to the trunk, make hand made decorations for the branches. The options are endless. Another way to make your local trees even more attractive.

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