Natural pesticide you can whip up at home.

Summer is the season to enjoy your hard work these past few months, but it can be overshadowed by the increase in pest activity. Making those new plants and veggies looking a little worse for wear.

why not use your garden store cupboard to make your own pest sprays, reusing ewhat you have to keep your new plants at their best.

Soap spray

Add a mild soap to water using 3-5 tablespoons of soap per gallon of water.

Add your mixture to a bottle and shake well.

Spray over plants with aphids and whitefly in the early evening or every morning for best results.

Garlic/Chili Spray

Both garlic and chili can repel unwanted insects using the natural defence of both a garlic and chili plant.

For the garlic puree 2x bulbs of garlic leave in water to sit overnight. Strain the mixture. Add vegetable oil 150ml and 1 teaspoon of soap then add 200ml water. This spray is now ready to go, spray liberally over those plants you want to protect. For the chili option use 3x chillies depending on size with the same process as above. The soap is an important ingredient as it allows the spray to adhere to the leaves.

Neem Oil

This oil is both great as a pesticide but also a fungicide. Oil is from neem trees from south Asia. Mix 2 tablespoons per 1 gallon of water and spray to the underside of leaves make sure you keep up with the spraying.

3x easy ways to create your own pesticide for your garden, help to keep it pest and free.

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