Naturally keeping pests away

Keeping Garden pests at bay; As we look forward to summer; seeing more garden growth and new discoveries every day. It is hard to remind yourself that out there in the garden are pests lurking to munch on your lovely new growth and veggies. This week we are looking into what you can do to combat these nasties naturally. Firstly, you can build up a healthy soil; this is a great foundation for any plant and will help them to be able to withstand pest attacks. Soil can be improved by composting and mulching (both covered in previous blogs). Secondly you could attract beneficial bugs to your garden to combat the pests. Bees, ladybirds, Spiders, Ants, Earwigs, Centipedes can be attracted with plants such as mint, fennel, marigolds and dill. Thirdly you can keep an eye on your plants, are leaves holey? Rolled? Folded? Shrivelled? This will indicate what type of pest is nibbling or living in your plant. You can them take steps accordingly. Fourthly would could employ some fences and traps around your plants. Use a water spray to physically remove pests. Or you could make up a spray with a mixture of soap and water to spray directly onto plants leaves; this will not affect your plants but will deter the nasty bugs. Fifthly you could plant some nasty bug repelling plants around the garden or around specific plants you want to protect. The plants you could use are lavender, lemongrass, lemon thyme, Basil, Marigolds and petunias. There are so many ways to help your garden and reduce pests without using chemicals some even add to the beauty and variety of your borders. Lets invest our time in nature and keep those chemicals away!

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