New products at Spudulica Home and Garden


Exciting times ahead at Spudulica Home and Garden!

Finally able to let you all know about 2 more additions to our product selection. Both items are both complementary to our curent ranges.

We can now offer a range of U shaped metal ground pins to complement our wide range of geotextile sizes!

You can also buy the amount you need for your project with bundles avaliable from 10 to 500.

These galvanised metal pegs are perfect for securing geotextiles, netting, artifical grass, weed matting, turf, irrigation tubing, garden edging, garden decorations, tarps, frost cloth, ground sheets. basically if its needs securing outdoors give these pins a try.

Flat top design allows for easy installation,

15cm length – 2.5cm width – 3mm thickness

Sharp ends for easy insertion into the ground surface.

Galvanised finish prevents rusting

We would suggest getting 2 pins per 1m2 of your fabric to have a good level of security.


Next we have our new Line of Non Woven Geotextile Grow bags,

These round black 2 gallon bags are a perfect addition to the house or the garden. Providing an excellant way to grow numerous plants, bulbs, flowers, seeds in an easy and conveient container.

Bags 17cm height by 25cm diameter perfect for samll to medium sized vegatation.

Made from a 260GSM black non woven fabric

Bags also have 2x secure carry handles for easy transportation around the garden, greenhouse or indoors.

The non woven fabric provides both drainage of water and ventilation to the plants roots, both essential for healthy growth.

These containers would be great for growing seeds where their portability makes them easy for the hardening off period when your juvenile plants need to get used to outside.

We are selling these items in packs for 2x for £5.99 inc VAT and delivery.


Alos both items can be re used year on year! Pull up pegs; clean off and ready to go again for another project.

Grow bags just need emptying and drying ready to go again next season.

Both items will be up loaded soon to add to our catalogue



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