New Year – January Jobs


Welcome to 2020, a new year full of possibilities, plans and projects.

Personally, I can’t wait to get back outside and keep the garden in gear ready for spring.

Yes, we are about to come into the coldest part of the year (even though up to now its been mild) and most plants are in a dormant state there are still some jobs to be done. Also, some plants love the cold and can add winter interest, (see our next blog on the topic of winter hanging baskets for more info).

We should expect cold snap at some point so make sure you still have those vulnerable plants covered or membrane ready in case of weather change. See for a large selection of woven and non-woven types.

Make sure you keep on composting, also make sure you’re not adding too many wet items, you can combat this by adding paper and card to the mix; maybe even shred those Christmas cards to add to the mix.

Keep those bird feeders topped up

Plant seeds – chilies, Basil, Sweet Peas,

Plants to plant in winter for some colour – pansies, violas, heather, ivy.

Plant lots of bulbs ready for spring

Prune climbing plants and trees

Reduce watering of indoor and outdoor plants, both will be more dormant in the winter and require less watering.

Got a pond?

Skim off dead leave but otherwise leave well alone in case of disturbing local wildlife that use your pond as a home.

Nothing too drastic to be worried about this January, lets keep warm while outside and take care if its icy, its also a good time to make new plans for spring/summer in the garden.

See you again soon;

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