New year – New Garden – COMPOSTING

New Year – New garden

Following on from our 2018 new garden theme this is the first of a series of how to blogs to help you transform your outdoor space and enjoy a new achievement.

This time we are tackling COMPOSTING

(I know not a super exciting start but a great one to kick start the year)

Composting is a great and inexpensive way of reducing household waste and helping your garden. Less to landfill is always a help to the planet and a saving for you when you don’t have to buy compost.

Composting is easy you only need a sunny spot for a composter or similar storage. It needs to be on bare soil or raised up on a paving slab (depending on size).

Composters come in different sizes to suit your needs, personally I’m re using an old water butt lined with geotextile. The geotextile will help to protect the water butt and will let the compost drain. (geotextiles on – Thankfully its also broken so I can extract my lovely compost from the bottom .If it gets any worse I’m thinking I can always secure the geotextile together with tape and ties and that would do to keep the compost in. Just and idea as I’ve seen some fabric composer bags that are available.

Compost is easiest made using a 50% – 50% method of green and brown waste

Green waste – quick rotting

Eg. Grass, cuttings, fruit peelings, coffee grounds, weeds, tea bags

Brown waste – slow rotting

Eg. Leaves, old Christmas tree, eggs, cardboard, straw, wood ash

There are some items that are NOT recommended for composting

They include – bread, dairy products, meat and fish, plastic

It is best to try and mix the 2 types of composting material to help create your compost; this can be done by layering the 2 types into your composting vessel or you can chuck it all in and mix the compost. Online I’ve seen some composters that rotate so do this for you. You can also buy compost maker from your garden centre to help it along too!

This should create beautiful dark and soil like compost in 9-12 months …………… yes I know it takes a bit of time but remember this is the year of the garden!!

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