New Year New Garden – Mulching


Another blog In our new year new garden series for 2018 again a more preparation type blog that will help sustain plants through the year.

Mulching is the process of covering the surface of the soil to promote the health of the soil and increase the visual ascetic in the garden. It is a job best done in spring and can be done in 3 ways. Firstly you can cover soil and around plants with compost or organic material. Using for example compost to cover your soil and around plants. This will provide more nutrients t the soil and help keep heat in the soil. It will also freshen up the appearance of the soil. Secondly you could use bark chippings. Just layer the chippings on top f the soil and around plants and over weeds. This will provide again a layer over the soil to increase heat and water retention. Also adding a new element to your planting area. Thirdly you could use plastic sheeting or a geotextile. This involves laying your sheeting/geotextile over your planting area and cutting paces out for your plants to poke through. A bit more time consuming to do and will probably need pinning down to increase its effectiveness. It provides very good heat retention and weed inhibition. This is a system used in agriculture to protect crops. All these options can retain heat, moisture in the soil, inhibit weeds and if needed cover unwanted plants to inhibit their growth. They all have their pros and cons. Organic material must be replaced over time but is probably the cheapest and quickest to do (especially if its compost you’ve made yourself). Bark chippings look the best (In my own opinion) and last longer than organic material but can be susceptible to moving about over time. Geotextiles are not as ascetically pleasing but will give you the best weed prevention and longevity. They can provide help with soil erosion.  (see for specific sized cuts for all gardens) All help to increase soils productivity and help you to concentrate on your plants not the endless cycle of weeding. Mulching is a small job that can help you to provide more nutrients to your plants during the spring season – when most plants are thriving and growing and could do with some extra help. Again not super exciting but just think of the fruit flowers and veg that may be helped along by this simple process.

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