No Dig Gardening – whats it all about?

No Dig Gardening


what’s all the fuss with this “new” approach to gardening?

It seems to be one of those that has been around for a while but has just arrived for us home gardeners.

Basically it’s a way of improving soil without digging in compost or fertilisers, you add mulch to desired areas and allow nature to incorporate any beneficial materials into your soil. This method allows you to stop any weeding and digging in the garden. This can be a strenuous activity so great when you want to relax this summer.  Or get on with the other household chores you have on your list…….

Mulching beds will help keep weeds away and promote growth and nutrition of your plants. The article below suggest making beds as mulching will lead to a raised area around plants.

Why not delineate these areas with another no dig solution – flexible garden edging?

At Spudulica we offer a variety of garden edging, all of which can easily be laid onto the ground and pinned in place with no need to dig. You can even choose a variety of heights and finishes depending on your planting designs. Edging will allow mulched areas to be bordered neatly and help create a pathway through and around planting areas.

You can also incorporate stones to areas to create paths. Each length of edging is supplied with fixing pins. Simply lay in your desired position and fix down; its that easy!

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