Non woven geotextile membrane


What is non woven geotexile fabric?

Geotextile membrane is a fabric used for engineering purposes including drainage, filtration, separation, reinforcement, soakaways, and land drains. Truly a versatile product that is an important part of many projects.

Geotextile membrane can also be referred to as terram – This is a brand name but the same product.

Geotextile membrane is a fabric made of synthetic fibres that are either needle punched together, or heat bonded.

Non-woven geotextile membrane is a white or off-white colour. It has a lower loading level than woven geotextile but a higher filtration capacity.

What can I use it for?

It is a perfect fit for those projects involving water, keeping out particles from soakaways. It also a useful edition to a domestic patio or driveway (with normal car usage) to separate and stabilise sub layers and to allow drainage through those layers.

Our non-woven geotextile membrane has these technical properties –

Permeability 110×10-3

Tensile strength KN/M 8.0

Puncture resistance N 1400


What size do I need?

At Spudulica Home and Garden we cater to project big and small.

From full rolls 4.5mx100m (450m2) length to smaller sizes for any requirement.

Cut down sized full rolls also at 2.25x100m(225m2) or 1.1x100m(110m2) sizes.

2.25m width – 2.25x1m(2.25m2), 2.25x2m (4.5m2), 2.25x3m(6.75m2), 2.25x4m(9m2), 2.25×4.4m(10m2), 2.25x5m, 2.25x6m(13.5m2), 2,.25x7m, 2.25x8m(18m2), 2.25×8.8m(20m2), 2.25x10m (22.5m2).


You can also choose the amount needed at 2.25m width.

1.1xm width -1.1×3, 1.1x6m, 1.1x8m, 1.1x10m, 1.1x20m.

Again you can also choose the amount needed at 1.1m width.


Just pop to the membrane section of the website –


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