November – Winding down the garden

Winter Tasks

As November begins it gives us a few more chances to get the garden prepped for winter before the cold and snow. The lovely autumnal colours are everywhere, and it can really give your garden a new look and feel. Let’s get out in the leaves and get the garden prepped.


Firstly, wellies on – Remember paths and patios can be wet and slippy with leaves!

If this is an issue for you maybe wait for a dry day and collect as many leaves as you can. You can always use them to create leaf mould. A great way to reuse those leaves and create a lovely mulch or organic matter to add to your soil if it needs a boost. Just pop the collected leaves in a bin bag make sure you make some holes around the bag and just give them time to rot down. Preferably 12-18 months. Another addition to the garden can be your Halloween pumpkin, your garden friends will be glad of the seeds and veg. Also, as it rots it can add to your soil.


Now it’s time to have a good clean up that will keep you prepped for spring. Clean up seed trays, pots green houses and any garden equipment you need for next year. You can use a mild disinfectant and when dry stack and put away. You can always make an inventory as you go so you know what you’ve got ready for next years plans. Then you are ready for the best part………. getting catalogues and ordering your new seeds, bulbs and plants for next year!

Check the garden do you have any older terracotta pots that will need insulating? Any newer plants that may need frost protection?

Don’t for get your garden friends clean out any bird boxes or bird baths with warm water – no disinfectant. And maybe stock up on some bird food.

Get these jobs done and you’re into a winner as you go on into the colder winter months. Knowing your garden is prepped for spring. You can put your feet up and decide on next year’s plans.



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