October 2019

October – 2019

Firstly, how did we get to October so quickly!

Autumn is now here, and October has started. Temperatures are dropping and maybe its time to prep for winter your thinking??

Well October can be a great month to keep your gardening going.

Just be sure to have those waterproofs and wellies ready as we are now entering the wettest part of the year.

Some vegetables do love the cool weather – beetroot, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli can all be sown in October. Also, cauliflowers and Kale can double up by beautifying the garden too.

Other plants like cosmos, daisies, and pansies also have no problems being out and about in the cool weather.  Also keep in mind your spring bulbs when planting new plants, if your outdoors you can also get those bulbs planted ready for their spring appearance.

There are still some nice cool but sunny days to tidy and organise the garden. Most planters and pots need some tlc and possibly some summer plants removed and replaced. Personally, I have removed some strawberry plants and replaced with heather, hoping it ill provide some nice colour in winter. Especially in my garden space is minimal and grey is the predominant colour with paving and walls on 4 sides. Hanging baskets have had tomatoes removed and replaced with some flowering plants.

So, let’s keep those gardens going, they can do there part into early winter and beyond.


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