Permeable/SUDs – Resin bound stone applications an introduction

Resin bound stone applications are Great solution for areas of your home.

It is a real alternative to tarmac or concrete solutions.

Don’t for get the regulations on new garden paving solutions now in force in the UK. Check the above guide for information. Resin bound stone should not be confused with resin bonded stone. Bound means in simple terms, that the pieces of aggregates are firmly adhered together with a highly robust bonding system which has 20% voids, thus allowing water to pass through.

Resin bound stone applications are great lets explain why –

At Spudulica Home and Garden we supply an important element of resin bound stone applications.

Our selection of EcoGrid recycled plastic paving!


This versatile paving grid provides a solid and stable base for resin bound stone applications. It also provides another porous layer for water to filter through.

Let talk you through the layers,

1. First the base soil area is prepped and large stones debris removed.

2. Next the drainage layer of compacted stone/type 1.

3. Now install your geotextile membrane layer – see our sizes at

4. Now lay your EcoGrid layer – easy to connect and cut to your shape requirements –

5. Then fill your EcoGrid with loose stone so its level

6. Lastly add your resin bound stone mix on the top for that finishing touch

As you can see the elements of a resin bound system are not so onerous than the conventional options. The inclusion of EcoGrid is an integral part to the load capacity and longevity of the resin bound surface. Also being porous it helps provide more area for water absorption.



How long does a resin bound driveway last?

If properly installed and maintained up to 25 years.

Remember you EcoGrid is guaranteed for 20yrs too!

Do I need drainage with a resin driveway?

No, your resin bound stone will allow water through along its whole area. It should be installed with falls for any drains etc at the surface also.

Do weeds grow though resin driveways?

No not through the surface seed drop form the air could be an issue depending on local flora and fauna adjacent.

How do I maintain a resin driveway?

Just like a conventional driveway you should keep your driveway clean and cleared of debris.


Where does the water go on a  resin driveway?

The water moves down through the small gaps left between the stones through to the under neath drainage layer.


Do I need planning permission for a resin driveway?

No, resin bound driveways are permeable. Not to be confused with resin bonded driveways that DO require planning as they are adding to surface water run off issues.

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