Plants for Autumn colour

Plants for Autumn colour


Cyclamen Amaranthus Balloon flower Fuchsia Dahlia Cosmos Corn flower Dianthus Don’t forget trees- Japanese maple Beech tree Flowering dog wood        

Mulching is also a great thing to do for all your plants in autumn to help your plants

throught the tough winter to come. Especially if you are in an area that goes below zero degress celcius. Mulch 2-4 inches of mulch to proctect roots and allow planst to aborb water and nutrients ready for winter. You can mulch with leaves, compost, hay, grass clippings, basically whatever natural material you have to hand. A great way to re use any collected garden clippings.

Remember winter is starting Dec 21st on the winter solstice.

Great to freshen up a hanging basket ready for the Autumn season using Pansies, Winter pansies, Heathers and Ivy.Just make sure to re-fresh baskets first, give them a good clean out and a does of new compost or fertiliser.


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