Plastic permeable paving for pets – All you need to know.

Plastic permeable paving for pets!

Do you need the puuurrfect solution for your garden that considers you 4 legged friends?

Pets are part of the family and why not consider that your new garden design will benefit them too.

EcoGrid the world’s leading recycled plastic paving could be the answer to you garden make over dreams. 


Here’s why – 

  • Permeable paving drains easily moving water though to the ground. Easy to hose and clean up any messes our pets leave us.
  • An installed paving grid can also help to deter our pets from digging, on the surface the grid is covered but is providing a stabilisation layer underneath that no pet can dig through. It would be a good addition to any lawn or grassed areas that your pet likes to dig. It can also provide a barrier layer to keep plants and tree roots safe from the digging too.
  • For those who want to deter moggies from their garden gravel EcoGrid is another solution, nothing worse than improving your outdoor space to find its now become the local cats toilet. You will try all the deterrent methods but they still manage to make a mess. EcoGrid a can also offer a solution, the grids themselves hold the gravel or chosen aggregates so that cats can no longer dig into the gravel to cover their deposits.
  • A permeable paving alternative will also absorb less heat than traditional concrete, tarmac or similar garden finishes. Your pet will not get burned paws from the flooring on a hot day. This can also stop heat transfer from patio surfaces to pots too, keeping your plants cooler and healthier.

EcoGrid is a 20 year guaranteed product and is used by the military it will also be tough enough if your pet thinks it will be ok to chew. Just ensure grid is properly covered to prevent this.

EcoGrid E40 is our most versatile option  – available in m2 areas

Need a specific size get in touch.

Any queries get in touch!


call us on 0151 515 1415

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