Potted Plants- Winter Prep

Potted plants in Winter

For those of us with a multitude of potted plants in our gardens we need to plan for winter.

It is a tricky time of year with the extra rainfall and the possible risk of frost and freezing temperatures.

Outdoor pots can be become waterlogged with the extra rain we experience this time of year. Do your pots have enough drainage? Would it help to lift them up, not massively just a little to allow drainage holes to be kept clear of the ground and allow for effective drainage. Pot feet can be easily purchased, or you can use bricks or level stones. You can also make sure pots have enough drainage by adding more holes if your plant pot seems to be holding water.


Next are your pots able to withstand the cold weather? Do any have cracks already? Are your pots frost resistant? Do they have a glaze; a glaze can help keep a pot from cracking. Remember that with the excess rain this water can also freeze and crack even the most resistant plant pot.


Some plants love the winter and will even provide lovely winter colour (see below for examples) it may be the pot they are planted in that gives you more concern!


Pots can easily be readied for the coldest season.

If plants are heavy and pots unwieldy be careful moving them and it may be best to ask for some help. The quickest way to keep these larger items safe is to group them together and wrap up together. Wrapping pots is the easiest way to keep pots safe and delicate plants protected you can use a geotextile membrane fleece or bubble wrap.

Pots can also be moved to a sheltered location near the house or into a green house or shed if you have the space. Possibly prioritize the most delicate plants to this location.


Remember even if you don’t have many potted plants delicate plants within a border may also need covering for winter, try not to cover ground around them too much, as they can still benefit from the rainfall. But a covering can help keep a delicate plant covered from the wort of the cold weather.


Small jobs that can keep your potted and delicate plants safe for winter ready for a beautiful spring.

Don’t forget those winter flowering beauties; some below.


Winter plants for colour

Snowdrop, Pansy, Crocus

Primrose, Violets, Cyclamen


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