Protecting Pots in Summer

Keeping your pots cool in the summer.

Just a few tips for those of us who have smaller gardens/ yards full of pots. We need to keep an eye on our potted plants in this heat wave (well its expected back).

Consider the pots you have, its better to buy lighter coloured ones e.g., terracotta pots that don’t absorb heat.

You can always double pot your plant, keeping the plant in a smaller pot within a larger pot. This will stop the heat from the outer pot being transferred easily to the plant inside. Make sure you check within the outer pot when watering so that the inner pot and plant is not sitting in water and is draining nicely.

Move pots to a shaded area or set up a shade cloth if you have no shade areas. This can easily be done to stop pots being baked in the hottest part of the day. You could even use geotextile membrane as a shade and then re-use it year on year.

Pots placed on gravel or concrete can get heat transferred from the hot stone surface. Can you move the pots to a shaded or grassed area?

Keep up with watering either early or late when it is cooler to allow plants to absorb water without evaporation. Don’t water the leaves, aim for the soil directly around the base of the plant.

Do not prune plants in the heat, this will add stress to plants.

Fertilise plants to help them to survive the stressful conditions that heat, sun and wind can apply.

Remember to look after yourself too, workin in the heat can also be hazardous for humans too! Keep hydrated and covered up when out in the garden.

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