PRUNING pruːn/ verb gerund or present participle: pruning
  1. trim (a tree, shrub, or bush) by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems, especially to encourage growth.
“now is the time to prune roses”
Synonyms: cut back, trim, thin, thin out, pinch back, crop, clip, shear, pollard, top, dock;
  (definition google dictionary)
This is an essential skill for new gardeners that can help plants to encourage new growth and new flowers. It involves removing parts of a plant. Different areas can be pruned for different reasons. For example, removing dead sections of a plant to improve overall health. Or in a new plant removing new growth to create an overall shape for your mature plant. Spring is a great time to prune some of your garden favourites to promote new growth and encourage more flowers. Especially now that are gardens are gearing up for their biggest growing season. Firstly, don’t be worried plants are resilient and pruning does help; if your concerned about doing too much or when and where to do it you could do a section one week see how the plant responds. If you have timed it wrong or been a bit overzealous it may affect the plants amount of growth but in the long run it won’t damage your plant fatally. It is best to give it a go slowly and take your time and invest in some sharp hand pruners and some gloves. Using the correct tools will minimise damage to the plant and allow it to heal over any pruned areas quickly. New growth on a plant provides its best colour for foliage and flowers, so it is best to keep a few new shoots for your plant to put its new growth spurt into. Don’t forget to water and fertilise your pruned plant to also help it along! See pics for some pruning ideas – 1.cutting some dead areas off my peppermint plant (in pot) 2. cutting some new ancillary shoots on my new rose bush (well hopefully at some point) to promote growth to the top not along the soil. lets get out in the garden in the lovely weather and keep those plants in check!

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