Rain water vs Tap water

Something to think about depending where you are in the UK

Maybe something you have not realised can be an issue when watering your plants.

Its not something that crosses your mind when you install your outdoor taps from your indoor water. It’s something new to me too. Who knew tap water could be bad for your garden?? This is due to the type of water you have in your area. The UK has soft, hard, and very hard water areas. The UK is generally split with soft water areas being Scotland and the western side of the UK. The midlands are hard water and lastly the south east of the UK has very hard water. You can check with your water company what type of water you have in your area. The water changes after it has fallen as rain and filters through rocks, it picks up mineral deposits from the rocks it goes through. The higher the mineral deposits in the water the “harder” the water is rated. The hardest water areas are Reading, Slough and Swindon with readings of dissolved minerals over 180parts per million (ppm) in the water (kinetico.co.uk). Therefore, water is treated to reduce its hardness and its causing limescale deposits in our homes. The hardness of the water and the addition of chloride and fluoride is what your plants don’t want! If you are in a hard/very hard water region it might be best to try and trap your rain water in a water butt/ watering can (depending on how much you need). As continually watering you plants with hard water can cause a build-up of salt deposits in the soil. This over time can build up a barrier to repel the plant from taking up the water well. This is obviously not something that will help your plants to grow. It has been suggested that you could use tap water in hard water areas if you let the water stand for 24hours first as this will allow the chloride and fluoride added to the water to evaporate from the water – but who has time to be that organised with water for your plants!? Therefore we need to keep some lovely rain water for our selves before it hits the ground. Thus, the need for a water butt or similar. Rain water before it hits the ground is PH neutral and has no added elements. Making it a better alternative to tap water. Most of the time the garden is fed with rain water, but you may need to store it for drier times of year. Take a look at our brilliant new stock of “Raincatcher” tanks – for all your rainwater needs 200L wall mounted tank available in both green and black variations Or for those of you in need of more water a 750L Tank is available also available in green and black We also have package options with diverters and taps to make this water collection system the easiest way to water your garden without fear of plant destruction. All come with a 5 year guarantee Just check them out on spudulica.co.uk (please be aware pictures shown include full package kits and are shown in black. Also larger 750L model shown with brass tap (an available upgrade) not black plastic tap supplied in system)

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