RainCatcher Tanks 200L/750L – Highlighting Key features

What is RainCatcher?

RainCatcher is a UK based company who manufacture (in the UK) their own rain collection tanks and accessories. These items can be used for many projects both commercial and domestic.

What RainCatcher tanks are avaliable?

We stock the 200L wall mounted and the 750L floor standing water collection tanks at spudulica home and garden.


200L – 


Wall mounted

Easy access lid

Slim shape

5 brass outlet points

UV resistant

Size – 1150mmx1150mmx200mm

200l capacity


Set of 3x 200L wall mounted tanks linked for use for a domestic supply.

750L – 


5 brass outlets

Easy access lid

UV resistant

Size – 1600x1000mx600mm

Forklift base points for easy transportation

750l capacity


Give us a call if you need any more information, we are in peak water saving seaon. Just think of the money you could save in the future by installing just one tank.


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